Welcome to Diffy's landing

Intro :p

Welcome to my website, I'm Diffy :)

I started working on this website during July 2023. This is my first time ever making a fully fledged website with HTML and CSS, and for my first time, I dont think I did too bad :]

I got into this niche part of the Web because I wanted to stop just watching Youtube and using Discord all day, and it's made the Internet better for me overall. It no longer feels like one giant Content Addiction machine made with loads of JS React and full of advertisements, it actually feels like an Internet, an Internet that is more fun than just Youtube and Discord and those other sites.

Right now this site is definitely NOT finished, it is still very much a WIP :3 so keep an eye on this site! Currently, I need to make the About me section, the Collections, and a lot more :p

WARNING!!!! The secret site button on this page leads to very vibrant and bright colors! Be cautious!!!!